Lebanese startup Wakilni acquires a stake in Cypriot startup Svelta

Limassol, Cyprus – 04/08/2021. Wakilni, a Lebanese e-commerce and logistics startup has acquired a stake in Cypriot e-commerce and courier service startup Svelta. The deal is in line with the strategic goal of creating a regional strategic partnership, synergistically combining the core technologies, while accelerating the development of innovative solutions in next-gen last-mile delivery and e-commerce services.

The Svelta-Wakilni partnership brings together deep skills in data science and analytics, and applied digital automations and optimisations in e-commerce, last-mile delivery and supply chain that deliver solutions and added value to businesses, startups, online stores and individuals.

“The Svelta-Wakilni partnership is a powerful combination. Svelta’s understanding of complex digital interactions, its deep engineering expertise, and agile, collaborative approach is uniquely complimentary to how the Wakilni team works. We are confident that the deal will help us continue producing industry-leading technology products and platforms for e-commerce and courier services” said Christis Plastiras, CEO of Svelta.

The strategic partnership enables the two Companies to immediately expand their presence in other markets in Europe and the Middle East and offer the variety of products that they are offering to their respective served geographies. At the same time, business customers of both Svelta and Wakilni will be able to easily expand their market reach in new markets. The collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the evolving needs of the market.

“Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digital transformations and optimizations, and we will offer our clients a range of services of the latest technology.” said Yusr Sabra, Wakilni CEO.

Svelta - Wakilni

About Svelta

Established in 2020, Svelta Marketplace and Svelta Courier are two e-commerce services that revolutionise the customer shopping experience. At the convenience of their home or while at work, they can easily find the products they are looking for and know in real time how long it would take to complete the delivery, according to the fleet availability. This takes away the hustle of deliveries arriving at unexpected times when the customer is not at the destination, saving time and money. Using Svelta’s marketplace, a customer can place an order from multiple stores and add extra routine or custom errands to Svelta’s Personal Shopper, such as picking up a document from an office or picking up the newly printed business cards from the copy centre, or even the clothes from the dry cleaner.

Svelta’s intelligent core engine and back office optimises delivery routes, lowering the cost of delivery for both stores and customers, saving on the time required for the goods to reach the buyer and improving the overall experience. Furthermore, people can become more productive and happier, by allowing their errands to be done by an efficient system and additionally gives to people who are unemployed the opportunity to earn money through joining the network of drivers of Svelta.

About Wakilni

Wakilni is an e-commerce fulfilment partner for small to medium e-commerce businesses, providing a wide spectrum of personalized and customized services to support and empower business owners because of the belief that greatness just needs a little support. Always driven to support others in their time of need, Yusr & Omar Sabra, first co-founded Wakilni as a concierge service in 2016 to help clients deliver items and paperwork. Starting with only 3 clients and a team of 6, Wakilni was able to grow into a company that supports small and medium sized businesses, e-stores, corporations and individuals through a dedicated team providing a time-saving and reliable service.

Today, Wakilni is a proud tribe of close to 200 individuals who coordinate effectively to carry out tens of thousands of deliveries every month. What started out as a service that takes care of people’s daily needs and errands turned into a full-fledged logistics company. With a full range of e-commerce fulfilment services, Wakilni has empowered individuals and built a community of small to medium business owners, and is now expanding into the MENA

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