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"Enjoy the benefits of having your own e-shop within Portofolakis with your own online product catalogue and the ability to serve your customers with store-to-door delivery. And the best part is that you will not need to do anything. Our drivers will act as simple customers, adding no extra operational burden to your company"

How it works

  1. Customers visit the Portofolakis website and add products to their cart
  2. Once their online shopping is completed, they are directed to the checkout page where they can define their delivery location and can see time estimates for their delivery according to the availability and worldload of our delivery fleet.
  3. In the final stage of the checkout, the user is asked to pay using their sKash digital wallet or using the credit or debit card using the JCC payment gateway.
  4. Once the order is submitted, Portofolakis locates the nearest driver and sends the order to the driver through our Portofolakis Express Driver app.
  5. Once the driver approves the delivery of the order, the exact amount of funds is transferred from Portofolakis to the driver’s wallet which he will use at your cashier to pay for the goods as if he was a normal customer
  6. The shopper then delivers the products to the exact location specified by the customer.

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