Caviar Eye Cream 15 ml

The Caviar Eye Cream is a specialized cream that is absorbed quickly and protects the sensitive skin area around the eyes. It provides exceptional nutrition and hydration, while at the same time it improves the micro-circulation and stimulates the collagen production mechanism of the skin.

The Caviar Eye Cream works to increase the collagen production in the skin and refines the skin texture around the eyes. It contains highly moisturized seaweed extracts, which form a protective film on the skin.

The addition of jojoba oil soothes and aids in the elasticity of the skin. It is recommended for demanding and/or dry skin.

Usage: Morning and evening on cleansed skin.

Apply a small amount around the eye area, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

Active ingredients: Caviar, Shea butter, Phycol CC ( Vitamine B1,B2,B5,C,P ), Betain, Jojoba oil

€ 30.00