Caviar Mask (Cabin Size) 200 ml

Caviar is a natural product which contains a host of active ingredients. These provide exceptional quality raw substances for anti-ageing cosmetic products. Caviar consists of 16% lipds, 25-30% proteins, vitamins and necessary amino acids which are concentrated in the egg shells.

Caviar Mask: A true anti-ageing mask, rich in nutritional elements. Contains a multitude of moisturizing and protective elements. Stimulates the regenerative process of the cells. Supports the structure and development of the cellular structure.

As a result, it increases the production of collagen, contributing to a more elastic and vibrant. It is the perfect combination with the other products in the caviar line.

Application: For better results precede with peeling. Place on cleansed skin and let it take effect for 15-20 minutes. Once or twice a week.

€ 45.00