Soft Skin Lotion 200 ml

The Lady Esther SOFT SKIN LOTION is a mild, herbal based face lotion, which cleanses and refines the skin without any irritation It provides a soothing action thanks to the Hamamelis it contains, while it stabilizes the skin’s ph balance.

It has a slight astringent action, but it also leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. It removes perfectly any residues of the cleansing milk and prepares the skin perfectly for any subsequent care.

It is free from irritating substances and it is perfect for normal and combination skins

Usage: Use it morning and evening after the cleanser.Place a quantity of the product on cotton pads, and clean the skin to remove residues and restore the skin’s pH


Ingredients: Hamamelic, Multivitamins, 5% Alcohol, Boric Acid

€ 20.50