Vitamin A Cream (Cabin Size) 150 ml

The Beauty vitamin! Vitamin A is vital for the growth and structure of the skin and has a normalising effect on the activity of the sebaceous glands, while it counteracts hornification of the skin. Vitamin A Cream is a soft, quick absorbing, special cream, based on the extremely important skin- vitamin A.

In the medical field, Vitamin A is designated as an anti- infectious vitamin, or epithelial protection vitamin (beauty vitamin). Vitamin A Cream is suitable for every skin type, and is is especially recommended for skin problems such as: malfunction of the sebaceous glands hypersensitive, allergic skin (day and night) cleared acne demanding skin.   It is allergy-tested, and free from irritating substances.

Application: Depending upon the needs of the skin, use as day or night care. The smooth cream absorbs quickly without leaving any unpleasant greasy residue.

Main ingredients: Vitamin A, Non irritating fats, Sorbitol

€ 33.00